Envi Sci Bees Essay

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1. Discuss the different philosophies on beekeeping espoused by commercial keepers such as Menendez vs. Organic keepers such as “The Queen Bee.” (The woman in Arizona)
Commercial beekeepers routinely kill the queen after only a few months and replace her with a younger artificially raised one. Beekeepers remove the queen from the hive, pinch her head and then introduce a surrogate in a cage. The cage prevents the colony from killing the foreign queen until the adapt to her scent. They also use insemination collected from male drones. They do this to select from certain traits. Another method is the practice of taking honey away from the hives and replacing it with sugar syrup. Organic beekeepers do not feed the bees sugar syrup they also
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The price of honey is unreasonable due to “funny honey.”
4. What is monoculture, and why is the practice harmful to sustainable farming?
Monoculture is having a large acreage of one specific type of crop. There are not many bees likely to be around a monoculture, because for 50 weeks a year there is no food in a monoculture. In order to keep a monoculture going you need intervention, such as pesticides because pests love monoculture. To uphold monoculture farming we spray our crops with harmful chemicals. We used similar chemicals to kill people in World War II, to kill pests on crops in agriculture such as DDT’s. Until recently, farmers applied pesticides topically to their crops, and farmers could protect their bees by moving them away from the crops. If the pesticides did cause a problem they could tell by the dead bees. These pesticides kill insects by inflicting sublethal damage. They weaken immune systems, disrupt digestion, impair navigational abilities, and harm the brain.
5. Describe the difference between the way European countries deal with pesticides vs. the USA and the EPA. Be sure to include the concept of “The Precautionary Principal,” in your answer.
Many European countries followed France’s lead staging protests. British beekeepers called for research funding to understand the bee crisis. Italy, Germany, and Slovenia placed bans on certain pesticides. They believe this is the reason for the collapse of

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