Entrepreneurship Is A Buzz Issue Worldwide Essay

988 Words Dec 29th, 2016 4 Pages

Entrepreneurship is a buzz issue worldwide. The wave also storms in Bangladesh. A major portion of students and youths are fervent of founding a startup in the country. This is a fabulous scene in the Bangladeshi entrepreneurial ecosystem. The terminology ‘Entrepreneurship’ is as widely as expressed that in general, we don’t need to define it quite to learn a glimpse of an idea of the ‘Art of Entrepreneurship’. So, this book on ‘Youth Entrepreneurship: How to start with digital media’ which is a compiled form of my articles, features and news reporting, those are published in various English and Bengali dailies and online News portals both in home and abroad in different dates since 2009 and also inclusion of some related features on me and some quotes of mine covered in different newspapers in Bangladesh since 2005, is ornamented with reflecting on real life experiences rather than of academic and or theory based persuasion. Rather, this book offers encouragement and empowers young readers to embrace Entrepreneurship through the digital journalism presence in the present context of Bangladesh.

I have been serving as a Freelance Journalist to the various national dailies and new portals since January 2009. Before that, I worked in two Bengali Daily as a Reporter in 2006. So, from the earlier stage of my career, I got chalked up writing skills and acquainted with the media houses in Bangladesh. In April 2014, When I came back from the UK after completion of my…

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