Enterprise Resources Planning ( Erp ) Systems Essay examples

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Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems are introduced to handle more complex transactions as a highly dependable system(ref). (ref) states that (ERP) helps organisations to gain competitive edge by integrating all business processes. However, survey results have shown that majority of organisations,“agreed or strongly agreed that their ERP systems were essential to the core of their businesses and that they "could not live without them” (Wailgum, p. 1, 2015). This suggests that ERP systems play a crucial role in all types of organizations. ERP systems are software systems for business management to support organizational areas such as planning, manufacturing, sale, marketing, accounting, finance, human resource management, etc. (Curtis and Cobham, p. 66, 2005). This indicates that ERP allows organisations to integrate different activities across the company, and it is one of the reasons that organisation implement ERP systems to improve the efficiency of the business process. A number of researchers highlights that organisations that have successfully implemented ERP systems are reaping the benefits of integrated working environment and operational benefits to the company. Although not all ERP implementations have been successful, and this proven by the number of horror stories of ERP implementation (ref). This essay evaluates why ERP required in organizations, what are the major benefits of using ERP in organizations and the challenges of ERP implementation. Two…

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