Enterprise Resource Planning ( Erp ) Systems Essay

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To leverage IT at Guaranteed Shoe Company both operationally and competitively, it is virtual to zero in on the most effective ways to make this company stand out using the latest technology processes.
Guaranteed Shoe Company operates all over the world, with its headquarters here in the US. In addition to that the company has 20 branch offices. Shoe Guarantee company operates in malls and also online with a selection for both women and men shoes. In order to reach a larger market it also has internet access for ordering in stores. Subsequently we will look at four IT processes that will help this business soar to higher heights.
1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
A company as big as Guarantee Shoe, needs an effective and functioning system. ERP is software that will integrate applications from different units of an organization in order to make the business process flawless. In addition to that as an international company they have customers all over the world that requires top notch service not only in regards to delivery but also in regards to having a website that’s seamless and trustworthy. ERP is known to connect different facets of an organization that include not only product planning but also manufacturing, sales and marketing all in a single database. (Vangie, Beal)
Due to the advantage of a single database there will be an easy transition in regards to communication between different departments in the company, which basically comes down…

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