Ensuring Care For Aging Baby Boomers Essay

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Ensuring Care for Aging Baby Boomers

This is about the Baby Boomer generation. Those are people born, between 1946 to 1964, and what they are facing as they are aging. I have chosen to write about two subjects. Such as Medical care costs and not having enough Home Health Care workers to take care of them. Can we afford not to have trained workers or to pay the money to get the help they need? In several articles I have read the article named “The Boomer Challenge” by Paul Barr that there are 75 Million Americans who make up the baby boomer generation. Every year 3 Million people will retire and put more pressure on the health care system. In the year 2029 the last of the baby boomers will retire. If the Health Care system is struggling now just wait till 2029 and we will be in trouble unless the program starts getting more workers. As the people are aging they are finding more things to worry about. From what I have read is that we are having trouble getting workers that will work in the health care system for the elderly. So as the people are aging it is very important to take time finding the best provider for the medical condition or conditions that they have. According to Elizabeth J Bragg and Jennie Chin Hansen wrote an article named “Ensuring Care for Aging Baby Boomers” stated that seven out of ten aging elderly will need assistance for at least 3 years. Most elderly people have more than one chronic condition. Some…

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