Enhancing The Experience And Environments For High School Students

1123 Words Mar 10th, 2016 null Page
Enhancing the experience and environments for high school students in order to meet their essential cognitive, physical, emotional, and social needs requires a complete renovation of today’s modern high school. This includes adjustments being made to the school day and year, testing criteria, discipline, dress codes, class gender segregation, food selections, and lunchroom arrangement. In high school, the typical day for a student starts at 6:00 AM since class starts at 7:30 AM. These students need time to take care of personal hygiene, eat breakfast, drive to the campus or get to the school bus stop, and take care of younger siblings if applicable. Unfortunately with students waking up this early, it hinders the amount of sleep they are getting because of a syndrome called delayed sleep phase. In other words, these students go to bed at late times, for some between 12 – 1 AM. This creates a struggle for them to awaken and get to class on time because they are incapable of transitioning their own sleep schedules to what is considered suitable by social standards. This concern can be alleviated by the school day starting at 9 AM instead of 7:30 AM. This modification in the school day would result in a wide spectrum of benefits including lower absenteeism, lower rates of depression, improved focus, and improved grades. Identically, adjustments made to the school’s year calendar would also help reduce the amount of stress students face because they do not have enough time to…

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