Enhance And Simplify Security With Network Security Essay

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Enhance & Simplify Security with Network Sentry Managed Services

Bradford Networks is the leading provider of Network Security solutions that minimize the risk and impact of cyber threats by providing end-to-end visibility of all devices, continuous endpoint monitoring, and automated threat containment. As a Managed Services Provider (MSP) you know first-hand that as organization struggle to find and retain skilled IT staff, more organizations are turning to managed services to supplement their staff and fill knowledge gaps in specific technologies.

IDC estimates that security–related services will account for nearly 45% of worldwide security spending in 2016, and that managed services will represent the largest segment of spending, generating an estimated $13 billion in revenues this year. Bradford Networks is helping MSPs capture more of this rapidly growing market by offering an exclusive MSP license program for our award-winning Network Sentry’s endpoint security solution.

Network Sentry provides comprehensive endpoint security, securing mobile, IoT and all other endpoint devices, along with continuous monitoring and automated threat response. Traditionally, MSPs have not offered this service, so this can represent a new revenue stream for Bradford partners, as well as a competitive advantage.

Designed to Integrate with the Largest Array of Security Technologies
Bradford Networks seamlessly integrates with more technology solutions than any other endpoint…

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