English Learner : Psychological Factors Essay

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English-Learner Profile

Psychological Factors
The Learner’s Background
Learner’s Name: Santiago Acosta Age: 8 Gender: Male
Grade: 2nd L1 proficiency: Does not possess strong primary language_ skills.
Type of bilingualism: Limited bilingualism
Previous L2 experience: Spanish and English spoken at home. Santiago has been exposed to____ English since he was born, both at home and school. ______
Assessed L2 level: Reading X Writing X Listening X Speaking X____
Academic success: Santiago’s reading and math skills have always been on grade level.
Likes/dislikes: Santiago enjoys social studies and sciences. He does not like math.

Social-Emotional Factors
Self-esteem: Santiago demonstrate to have a positive image about himself.
Motivation: Santiago is constantly motivated to learn new concepts and become an involved____ member of our classroom. However, he shows signs of frustration when facing new challenges__

Anxiety level: Santiago does not demonstrate signs of anxiety when interacting with L1/L2_____ students and teachers. However, he does show frustration when making mistakes as learning new challenging academic materials._______________________ ______

Attitudes toward L1/L2: Santiago holds a positive attitude toward self, language, peers, and____ teachers.______________________________________________________________________

Cognitive Factors
Stage of L2 acquisition: C1 Advanced English Speaker
Cognitive style/learning…

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