Essay about English Language Learners For English Learners

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In order for English Language Learners to effectively ascertain the language, it is important that those students are exposed to linguistic input they can understand. In a text such as Beowulf, it is mandatory that a simplified version of the text is provided to English learners because of the already complex nature of the original text. Beowulf in its aboriginal form, Old English, is too far removed from the Modern English Language spoken today. Not only must we provide a translation for English Language Learners, we must first have provided a translation to our general education students as well, but, there should be differentiation in the translations for the two separate groups. For the general education learners, I suggest an elaboration of the original text. Elaboration gives the more advanced students exposure to the text in its original form, while providing the support needed to help with the older version of the English Language, this ensures that students do not become overwhelmed with the translation that they lose the meaning of the text. Additionally, this will prevent the students from falling behind in their ability to follow the main points of the epic. For English Language Learners I suggest a simplified version of the text be provided. The simplified text provided to English Language Learners should: identify main ideas and key words, be consistent, have shorter sentences, have simplified grammar and vocabulary, rephrase complex ideas, have clarified…

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