Voting Argumentative Essay

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At a Republican election rally in September of 2015, Sarah Palin demanded that all U.S. citizens needed to “speak American,” referring to the need for English as an official language (Sarah Palin Speak American). This demand, however, is not a new topic. Since this country’s birth, language-based discrimination has existed. For example, during the late 1700s, John Adams, a founding father and second president, tried to establish English as the official language of the United States (Schultz). One of the main arguments for an official language was that it would unify the country as a whole. However, the U.S. has never had an official language and yet it has still managed to integrate more cultures than anywhere else in the world. Different languages …show more content…
One of the main arguments for an English only law for voting ballots is that understanding some English is a requirement to becoming an American citizen (Lofholm). During his 2012 election campaign Mitt Romney stated, “Look, English is the language of this nation. People need to learn English to be able to be successful, to get great jobs,” agreeing with Newt Gingrich’s argument that voting ballots should be English only. It appears that the main motivation behind this type of law has to do with politics. In addition it appears as if those who back English only laws tend to be more focused on limiting certain groups from participating in state and federal elections. The Hispanic vote in the United States is the fastest growing demographic and they have become increasingly more democratic with over seventy percent voting for President Obama in 2012 (Lopez, Taylor). That being said, such a large opposing population could serve as huge political impediment for Republicans in the future. Lawmakers such representative Mike Coffman from Colorado, a state with a quickly growing Hispanic population, have proposed plans to establish English-Only ballots (Lofholm). Various arguments are used in support of these policies, yet in the end they all serve a purpose in limiting the voting population by enacting laws making voting more

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