Engineering Timeline

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1a) Give a significant date in the history of engineering.
There are many significant dates that have highlighted an important change to life due to engineering, one of these dates is on March 1876 where the first telephone was created . This allowed information to be given in a matter of seconds rather than through other time consuming methods such as the telegram. (1) 1b) What happened on this date?
On this date, the first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.
2a) Name an influential person in the history of engineering.
An influential inventor that has affected our lives is George Stephenson as he is mentioned for being the creator of inner city railways and transport. With this idea in mind, he made the first locomotive that was used in a commercial sense. As a result of
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4. Use the Google web site to do a keyword search.
Find FOUR relevant sites on Engineering standards and cite them below, using the Harvard referencing style.
Engineering standards - foreword - what are engineering standards? (no date) (Accessed: 7 November 2016).
Standards and certification FAQ (no date) (Accessed: 7 November 2016).
What is an engineering standard? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using standards in engineering? (2013) (Accessed: 7 November 2016).
Lindeke, R. (no date) Engineering Standards What They are and Where/Why They’re Used! (Accessed: 7 November 2016).

5. Now select one of the Engineering institutions you could possibly join and answer the following

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