Endangered Species Within The World Essay

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Preventing endangered species continues throughout the world because of the high risks of specific animals becoming endangered. Endangered species keep spreading rapidly throughout the world. Environmental problems, invasive species, and illegal hunting present the common causes of endangered species. Other causes of endangered species include hereditary and genetic makeup, predator populations, and habitat destruction. The different causes of endangered species give authorities more reasons to enact specific laws or acts for endangered species. The different laws and acts prevent further endangered species and a chance to repopulate an endangered species in an environment. A species will become endangered by many different factors throughout the world. Due to the different factors, the Endangered Species Act was established. The Endangered Species Act gives plants and animals protection from becoming extinct within two specific categories. Endangered species and threatened species exist as the two categories placed within the act. Endangered refers to the decline in population for a plant or animal who will result in extinction if not helped whereas threatened refers to a plant or animal becoming endangered in the nearby future (Protection of endangered species, 2016). The Endangered Species Act or ESA provides yearly statistics on different plants and animal populations throughout the world. The Endangered Species Act provides a strict set of protective measures towards…

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