Endangered Species Importance

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Why is It Important to Preserve Endangered Species?
Individual Research Project Global Perpectives

Over time the amount of endangered species on the planet has increased. An endangered species is a species that exists in very small numbers and is at risk of extinction. Animals are affected when humans damage and pollute the environment – their homes can be destroyed and

Why do animals become endangered?
There are many reasons why animals become endangered. There are both natural causes and human causes. Humans can impact species and cause them to become at risk of extinction by destructing their habitats, polluting, hutning and fishing, the food and fashion industry, and by keeping them as pets.

Destruction of habitat
Destroying animals
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Even the loss of one animal can severely affect the food chain. They are also a source of food for each other as well as for humans. They are a source of companionship; If pets are well taken care of, they can benefit humans in many ways. They help to reduce loneliness and decrease stress. They can encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle, and even provide social support. Animals, especially dogs can be used for law enforcement purposes. They are often used on airports for example, where they are used to find people with illegal substances. Some are also trained for military purposes, either to accompany the soldier when they are deployed, or to help them recover when they return from war. They are also used for testing. Although this is seen as negative as many animals die or get injured in the process (sometimes for purposes that arent necessary, eg. Cosmetics), they do help us to discover more about ourselves and how to prevent diseases and death. If we didn’t experimetn on them, we would either have a much smaller knowledge than we do now, or we would have used humans for testing …show more content…
Their estimated population is 350-450. They are the biggest out of all the tigers – they can grow to weigh as much as 315kgs and almost 4meters in length. Majority of the remaining population are in the Sikhote-Alin mountain range in Southeast Russia, although their past range included North-eastern areas of China, the Korean Peninsula, stretching to Mongolia.

This species of tiger is considered critically endangered, with the main threats to its survival being poaching, as well as severe logging and development destroying its habitat. The main reason for them being poached is for their fur, but other body parts are commonly used to make traditional chinese medicines. In 1991 apporiximately one third of the population of Siberian tigers was killed for their body parts to be used in these medicines. In 1993 this became illegal in China, however this is still going on as it is such a profitable practice. One single tiger can sell for as much as $50,000 on the international market. Illegal and legal logging is also a major cause of these Tigers endangerment. Logging and deforestation destroys their home as well as isolate them from their families. Research conducted has proven that this species of tiger needs a ‘vast forest landscape’ to survive. The roads used by the loggers also gives poachers easier access to land that was previously considered remote. This means that the population has decreased

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