End Goals In Homer's The Odyssey

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In life, there are many things that can help or change people’s lives. For example, where you are living can change what you do and how you act. Also, there are people in your family that can change you and your actions. leading us down the right path and to your end goal. But, there are many perils that try and stop you from reaching your end goal. Homer’s The Odyssey is symbolic of my life because it is about Odysseus wanting and fighting for his end goal as much as I want to reach mine.

My end goal is to be successful in life. Starting with getting good grades and focusing on this goal until I graduate. Then beginning the path to my end goal. From there, I will make good choices so I can reach my goal in the end. This is important
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An example of a distraction for Odysseus is the immortal being, Kalypso. She was a distraction because she tempts heroes with her love and offers them immortality. This is dangerous because the heroes would forget about going home to their families and friends and want to stay forever with Kalypso and be happy and carefree. In my life, distractions will cause me to slack off and forget about my work and what I was doing. That leads to getting a bad grade inturn leads to a not so good transcript. Causing me to not be able to go to a good college and not getting a good job. Then not making a lot of money and ruining my life goal.

My protector is my mom. This is because she is who I go to when I need help or when I have a problem and need advice. My mom cares for me so much and wants the best for me because she loves me. She steers me, leading me to my goal. She motivates me and my family. She makes sure we are making the best possible choices and decisions.

Because Odysseus wanted to reach his end goal as much as I want to reach mine is the main reason that Homer’s The Odyssey is symbolic of my life. My mom supports me with my goal. Also having a plan is a good start to reaching my goal. My living environment helps too. Because my whole family wants the best for me and wants to see me

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