Essay about En1420 Discussion 4.1 Empty Space

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Empty Space
Justin Johnson
ITT Tech – Tulsa, OK

Is the lack of a subject the same thing as having a subject? When there is not a subject or the subject is “nothing” the appropriate method would be to turn in a paper with nothing but empty space. This is what happens when I do not receive homework I e-mailed about and do not have what I need to do this assignment properly. The controversy stems from if I have nothing to use as a subject, do I still have a subject to use? I say yes but you may disagree.
Nothing but empty space The main points of the article talk about how if you have nothing in empty space it is different than having a vacuum or lack of existence. The first point is just because you can not
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You may not understand what are on the radio waves but they are still there. Everything on the Earth has an atomic weight. So, even if it appears to be nothing there is still something there at the atomic level. That does not even include talking about the subatomic level. You could argue that there is still nothing meaningful there but that would go against all modern science as we know it. Even in a vacuum there is still an untapped form of energy. This is also known as zero-point energy. This was first postulated in the 1930s. This shows that even if nothing else exist in a given space there is still untapped energy located there. Therefore, even a vacuum is not totally void of everything. The last point is: how you view the idea of nothing or empty space in this controversial subject depends entirely on your perception. If you are aware of the multitude of layers in our existence then you realize that even nothing can be a very powerful something. Although, if you choose to ignore anything you can not see you would argue that nothing is really there. This is the cause of most arguments on this subject. In conclusion, even though my subject was nonexistent and therefore nothing I was left with the difficult task of leaving empty space as my paper. You said that empty space on paper did not qualify as a proper paper but your perception did not allow you to see the power that was held in a blank space about

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