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An Exploratory Study Comparing Two Modes of Preparation for Online Teaching
Dawn Hathaway Priscilla Norton*
George Mason University

Abstract Few online high schools report requiring online education for their teachers, and few programs exist to prepare teachers to teach online (Smith, Clark, & Blomeyer, 2005). Professional development for online teachers continues to be a concern, and evaluative research that examines the effectiveness of various types of professional development is needed (Archambault & Crippen, 2009). The purpose of this exploratory study was to compare differences in online teachers’ selfreported frequency and confidence in performing online teaching tasks between teachers who had completed a comprehensive preparation
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This lack of interest in online teaching has resulted in a significant supplyand-demand problem for schools and districts. As stated in the Project Tomorrow (2011) report, “To meet the increased demand for online learning from students and parents, and to fully realize the potential for online learning as a tool to increase student graduation rates, we must address staff capacity issues” (p. 12). It is likely that most online teachers will come from traditional classrooms. Data from a study of 596 online K–12 teachers suggested that most current online teachers do, in fact, come from traditional classrooms and that face-toface teaching is a necessary prerequisite for teaching online (Archambault & Crippen, 2009). Archambault and Crippen (2009) concluded, “It seems logical that teachers who have a solid foundation in their content and pedagogical knowledge may have an easier transition to the online classroom” (p. 383). In addition to face-to-face experience, it is important for teachers to have experiences as online learners both in terms of what is happening in K–12 curriculum areas and as teachers and learners in online environments (Compton, Davis, & Mackey, 2009). The International Association of K–12 Online Learning (iNACOL) (2010) emphasized the need for online

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