Employment Termination Essay

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Moral and Ethical Issues Involving Employment Terminations
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Moral and Ethical Issues Involving Employment Terminations
When the decision is made to terminate an employee-employer relationship, the employer faces a far more daunting challenge than simply being able to terminate the employee, with or without due cause. Difficult steps must be taken to ensure that all precautions, legal and ethical, have been scrutinized and actuated prior to the final decision to terminate the relationship. Present ethical guidelines stipulate that employers, especially those involved in management, are responsible for ensuring that ethics for both the company and the
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In addition to that, lack of proper sleep due to stress had caused John to be late on several occasions. In short, the company began to view John as a liability, despite his previous stellar work performance, and decided that it may be more detrimental to the company to keep him as opposed to terminating the employment relationship altogether. The decision was made and John was given a verbal warning, that he acknowledge by signing the appropriate documents stating he was on probation for an undetermined amount of time. During such time, however, justification for termination was given for any future late work attendance. After four weeks of improved behavior and punctual attendance, John was inexcusably late one day and, therefore, gave the company the ammunition it needed to proceed with their justifiable cause to terminate John’s employment relationship with them immediately.
The legal aspects the company considered during this scenario was to avoid any possible litigation by carefully documenting and requiring the employee acknowledge their justification for future termination of his employee-employer relationship, verbally and in writing. Legally, they are not violating the laws that govern the at-will employment doctrine, which employers may loosely invoke. Ethically,

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