Employment Discrimination Is A Violation Of Human Rights Essay

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Our society has been created and structured with social inequalities of many kinds. The act of discrimination is one particular type where it is prominent in today’s modern society and historical times. Most individuals may not acknowledge the possibility that this type of act can occur everywhere and even in unexpected places such as at a workplace. Hence, the idea of employment discrimination is still very unfamiliar to people as most people tend to think about discrimination in terms of gender, race etc. This social phenomenon exists and is necessary to be aware of because of 1) the domination of one gender over another 2) this type of act is a violation of human rights and 3) people’s ignorance towards the subject matter. In other words, it is important for individuals and as a society collectively to recognize the importance and influences of employment discrimination and how it can be resolved.
First of all, it is crucial to define the term ‘employment discrimination’ and its meaning. According to the Canada Human Rights Commission website, the definition of employment discrimination is treating employees differently or negatively based on their gender, religion, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation etc. When people think about discrimination, they are usually sensitive and conscious about the idea. As mentioned previously, there are several of reasons or “grounds of discrimination” as Canada Human Rights Commission would like to call it, for discrimination. On…

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