Positive Effects Of Discrimination

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The Effects of Discrimination The effects of discrimination not only influence an individual, they also create many obstacles worldwide. The effects on an individual go much deeper than just a feeling of unacceptance. The victim may have to be treated for serious depression, anxiety or even ample stress. The effects on our world are what prove how detrimental discrimination really is. World War II and Vietnam are just a couple of the international tragedies resulting from discrimination. Effects on a victim of discrimination are destructive to both mental and physical health. This individual may experience depression, anxiety, or even an overabundance of stress. “Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and a loss of interest” (“Depression”). Individuals who suffer from depression are unable to carry out daily life, and many feel as though life isn’t worth living anymore. Anxiety is another mental disorder that may arise from discrimination.
“People with anxiety disorders frequently have intense
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Sadly, many of the effects lead to cold wars. During the Civil War, African Americans were treated unfairly by the south. The southern citizens believed white people were superior to the African Americans and didn’t believe they should even be treated as humans. Slavery in the south was a way of life and a part of their Constitutional rights at that time. They thought the emancipation of the slaves would terminate the South’s economy. The northern people on the other hand, thought slavery needed to be abolished and African Americans needed to be given the same rights as every other citizen. This separated the two sides of the United States simply because they didn’t have the same views over racial equality. Many African Americas were tortured and killed by the south during this war over

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