Employee Views On Compensation Philosophies Essay

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This Critical Action Learning (CAL) report addresses the sequence and processeses utilized to peruse the workplace problem: definition and redefinition of the problem; review of literature guided in the direction of practical and potentially successful outcomes, critical reflection and application of critical action learning. An implementable action plan is stipulated at the end to help further in solving the problem

Problem Identification, definition and redefinition
My organization recently underwent a merger in which a number of problems resulted. After the merger, prominent among the issues was the specific issues concerning the compensation philosophy for the various background companies involved in the merger. There were differences in employee views on compensation philosophies. One group considered the compensation philosophy to be centered on the overall performance of the company while the other group considered the compensation philosophy to be attached to the amount of input each employee rendered to the overall success of the company. This resulted in an obvious conflict and as such people began to question the management research work that was done prior to the merger. This workplace problem proved to be quite dynamic, indirect and poorly documented. Project delays, and job inefficiencies manifested and deliberations on the problem only actually occurred at the coffee lounge and during other causual and informal conversion where people believed…

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