Employee Theft Or Embezzlement: Adele's Case Is A Criminal Case

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Adele's case is a criminal case
Property and asset insurance provides protection against risks to property, such as fire, theft, burglary and some weather damage from flood and earthquake. Adele's case explains that crime occurred in the workplace. And it is to be covered by insurance. However, the company needs to find out who is the criminal. I think this case is we say "Employee Theft or Embezzlement." Employee theft is a crime which involves the unlawful taking of money or property from an employer with the intent to permanently deprive the employer of ownership. In this case, it is a fact that Adele stole money from the company several times. Employee theft cases are prosecuted with penalties that often involve jail or prison. These kinds of crime are to harm society to affect its functions. Our common sense says that crimes are a harm to civil society and
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Negotiation is a method to decide on a conclusion of the issue without relying on a neutral decision maker. It is also used between disputants entering into agreements. Negotiation is often the first method of dispute resolution. If ABC and XYZ Company want to continue their partnership, they may go to the negotiation process. For example, Price down for next bulb supply as much as the loss which was damages to the ABC Company can be a key resolution for delivery of nonconforming goods. However, if XYZ Company feels unequal bargaining power during the negotiation process, this issue can go to the mediation process. Mediation is a method in which the parties retain the power to decide the dispute themselves. However, it relies on neutral mediators who facilitate the mediation process to assist the parties in achieving an acceptable, voluntary agreement. The mediation resolution agreement is not binding but can go to the execution of agreements which is

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