Employee Selection, Training, Care, And Communication Essay

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Organization Culture
Disney says, that what identifies their organizations culture is employee selection, training, care and communication. They say each is crucial to creating and nurturing a culture of excellence. Which is what Disney is known for doing, creating a memorable experience for their guest. In order to accomplish that, they go through 3 days of orientation and traditions for their new employees. Disney is a brand recognized globally, in Orlando Florida Disney has their resorts and parks with around 55,000 employees. They say that each one of their employees know their role, Disney makes sure that all of their potential employees know what is required from them even before they join the organization. Disney’s employees are required to be very friendly, be up for taking photos for visitors, assisting people looking at maps and other spontaneous actions designed to maximize the customer experience. Some of the key questions that are asked during an interview are: Does everyone in your organization know the requirements of their role? Not just the “job description” requirements, but what they do that adds value to the customer and business. Is there an internal culture that is easily recognizable and memorably? (Darren, 2010). Before the training the candidates are given a book with requirements and information, the book explains how women are required to have a certain hair length, and to dress appropriate (not showing too much skin). Men are required to have…

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