Employee Rights Violation Case Study

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What do I do when my workplace rights have been violated?

If you feel that you either your statutory or contractual rights have been broken, it isn’t something you have to stand for. First off you must document the violations, taking notes on how and when it has occurred, along with the key events that have surrounded the issue. Gather other documents that display that your rights have been violated too; this will include your work contract, employee handbook, company policies, official letters, emails, and all other relatable correspondence. But you should make sure that the documents you amass are only the ones you have legal access to. You should also try to get statements from co-workers who can back up your claims. When it comes to making
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This is usually a standard amount of time that is referenced in either you employee handbook or terms of employment. Making demands about needing to leave a role before such time will only exacerbate the situation.
Negotiating If you are leaving without pastures new in sight, or have taken voluntary redundancy, you should be willing to negotiate your severance package fairly. When looking for a settlement for any outstanding pay, sick pay, and holiday pay you may be owed, demand what is fair and not what your emotions dictate.
Hiring One way to mend any ill feeling about you departure is to help the company find your replacement. Many companies will reject this request, but making the offer shows willingness on your part.
Training The company may find your replacement while you are still seeing out your notice. When this is the case don’t hesitate to volunteer to train your replacement and get him up to scratch on what the role entails before you
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Work as per normal, stay active, and don’t adopt a short timers approach to the position.
Finish Up Before you clear up your desk or shut down your station for the last time, be sure to complete any outstanding work you may have. If you can report your state of progress to your manager and brief your replacement on where you stand with the work.
Leaving On your last day, do your best to remain courteous when you say your goodbyes. Even though optional, it is advised that you leave your contact information with the company should they need you for anything in the future.

When the exit interview comes around, you don’t want to find yourself in awkward situation. As many will attest dealing with HR can be tough enough during such experience. But if you have followed the above advice then you will be able to take on the meeting in a professional manner and more than likely won’t be pushed regarding any issues that have occurred during your time with the company. Always remember that even if you have grievances to air it isn’t worth losing a perfectly good reference in order to air them

What do I do when I want to find a new

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