Employee Evaluation, Compensation, and Motivation Essay

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Date: June 29, 2011
Student: Anissa Douglas-WilliamsAssignment: LP 5 – Final Paper - MotivationCourse: MT6320 – Employee Evaluation and Compensation Number Section

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Even when unemployment is at an all time high companies are concerned about retaining employees, especially critical ones. It is important to retain critical employees and an effective way to do so is to identify and analyze different employee motivation practices comparing the relation between employee motivation, job performance, and employee retention (Ramlall, 2004).
II. Introduction Motivation is a term that most employers have read or at least heard about, however when it comes to actually motivating employees many companies are not aware or familiar with the different techniques and strategies that can be used to motivate their employees. Unfortunately we live in a society where millions of employees are not motivated at their jobs. This is huge because most employees spend more time at work then they do at their own homes. Many argue that it is the employees’ job to motivate themselves while others argue that the company is responsible to keep their employees motivated. Motivating employees is not as easy as one may think (Gichuki, 2010). “The average company loses approximately $1 million with every 10 managerial and professional employees who leave an organization. Combined with direct and indirect costs, the total cost of an exempt employee turnover is a minimum of one year’s pay and benefits, or a maximum of two years’ pay and benefits. There is

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