Emotive Inc Case Study

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In order to design a suitable business strategies or approaches for Emotive Inc’s product, it is important to address some key points about the product. Emotiv target segment is to hard-core gamers, who desire in innovation and gain experiences in new ways. EPOC is a premium headset, which designated with 16 sensors to identify 30 different states in interpreting brain signals, enables gamers playing games just by thinking about what actions he/she wants to do. Understanding the Emotiv Inc’s core competence, product leadership strategy is the best suitable type for Emotive in both short-term and long-term of business development to sustain its competitive advantage. The breakthrough product as EPOC will change the way customer plays game.
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Hence in response to this complex environment and turbulence, Emotiv’s leader board should plan a consistent strategy to enable rapid adoption of EPOC. Emotiv is, indeed, suggested to use both planned strategies and emergent strategies for their business plan. The rationale is that planned strategy used for long-term goals intentioned (Mintzberg & Quinn 1992, p.15), whereas, the emergent strategy is where a realized pattern was not clearly envisioned (Mintzberg 1994, p.25). In other words, planned strategy is a roadmap to the final goals, while emergent strategy will be used as aids for business to enhance their chance of success by carefully addressing the key risks and unknown that characterize particularly undefined concepts. Indeed, during the process from planned approach, Emotiv has till improved and produced the product to maintain its competitive advantages. They may identify some new features that customers need and want. Emergent approach will be applied here to assist the plan to improve EPOC to meet customer needs and wants. Involving the case, EPOC was targeted to sell in gaming market, especially, focusing on the consoles markets. However, things have not been as we expected, no console maker were committed to collaborate with Emotiv. Due to time pressure, and financial situation, Emotiv should use emergent …show more content…
In this case, I think a 30s advertising is not an effective idea to push the adoption process. To cope with, a breakthrough event, like Key Note, will assist company to connect and communicate with the world about company’s vision and passions regarding to EPOC. Emotiv also should establish relationship with high influencers in gaming industry to spread their message by telling an incredible story, using words to convince and inspire customer in product trials. Then even EPOC is a new concept and has high price that perceived as high risk. However, with a clear message and provided information, I believe that people get to know it, understand the rationale EPOC offers the best to gain truly different experiences when playing, and then desire to possess the

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