Emotional And Emotional Effects Of Emotional Disorders Essay

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Emotional disorders have become an important topic in education with the development of ideas to help better support students both socially and academically. Students exhibiting emotional disorders have a wide range of behavioral traits and personal characteristics. Although these students are unique, they exhibit similar emotional characteristics that place them under the “umbrella of emotional disturbance”. Students with emotional disturbance can be described as socially withdrawn. They may find it difficult to interact with peers, faculty, and even family members. Some students may have difficulty learning but do not exhibit signs of intellectual, sensory, or health disorders. In “normal, everyday” situations, students with emotional disturbance may find themselves exhibiting rash or inappropriate behavior. Other mental illnesses, namely schizophrenia, may be diagnosed alongside emotional disturbance. (Emotional Disturbance) All in all, for a student to be put under this “umbrella” they must exhibit these characteristics for an extended period of time to the point where these characteristics negatively affect their academic performance or the safety of themselves or surrounding peers. (ProjectIDEAL) The causes of emotional disturbance are yet to be determined. Researchers suggest various biological factors and cultural factors may be relevant to the cause of emotional disturbance but research has failed to prove these theories. Other factors, such as family, stress,…

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