Emmett Till 's Murder, By Harper Lee Essay

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Both blacks and whites have the same rights today and are treated equal.They can ride the same buses, go to the same schools and use the same restrooms. Back in the 1930’s things were much different. Blacks were the lowest of the low on the social ranking system and were treated like dirt. Blacks were very poor, and most of them worked for whites. Past historical events have influenced many things in the future, such as Harper Lee’s book, To Kill a Mockingbird. Some events that have influenced her are Emmett Till’s Murder, The Expectations upon Women’s rights, and the Jim Crow Laws.
One important event that influenced Lee to write her book was Emmett Till being murdered. Emmett till was an innocent fourteen year old African American boy who did not know any better to stay away from a white woman (“Death”). Till hadn’t known know that in Mississippi black men couldn’t interact with white women because he was from Chicago, and the rules were different (“Death”). His murder happened in 1955, five years before Lee published her book (“Emmett”). Emmett Till was murdered by white men in the middle of the night and the men were later found innocent (“Emmett”). Till was taken out of his bed. He was beaten badly, shot, his eyes were gouged out, and he was drowned (“Emmett”). Emmett Till and Tom Robinson were very similar.They were both black and both were killed because of a white woman. Tom had a family and lived behind the Ewells for many years. Tom usually stayed away from the…

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