Emmett Louis Till

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Emmett Louis Till, an African American teenager born in Chicago, was brutally murdered in the early hours of August 28, 1955 in Mississippi when he was only 14 years old. His case has served as a reference for the Civil Rights Movement.

Emmett was born in Chicago on July 25, 1941, the city where he lived with his mother Mamie Carthan (1921-2003). In the summer of 1955, they received the visit of their uncle Moses Wright, who told him stories about life in the Mississippi delta that aroused great curiosity in the region and a great desire to visit Emmett.

I wish it materialized when his mother, after having refused outright at first, finally allowed him to return with his uncle after the visit, but not before warning him about the huge differences
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Three days later, on August 24, Emmett went with his cousin and other teenagers to one of the three stores that Money had, Roy Bryant's store and his wife Carolyn, and was accused of insinuating to the latter, a white woman who was then 21 years old. Carolyn threatened them with a gun and the teenagers left. It is believed that after the incident Emmet had expressed his desire to return to Chicago but did not mention it to his uncle because he was afraid that he would get angry.

Roy Bryant was on a trip at the time but on his return, on August 27, his wife had already taken care to make the anecdote spread throughout the town.

When he found out about the incident he interrogated several African-American men in the store and even kidnapped a man he believed guilty, before knowing the identity of Emmett Till. That same night, at dawn, Roy Bryant, 24 years old, went to Moses Wright's house accompanied by his stepbrother John William Millam, 36 years of age, and another man of unknown identity in search of a child of 14 years old called Emmett Till.

Both men took to Emmett to a barn located in a near population and there provided a brutal beating to him then to shoot him in the head and to throw him to the Tallahatchie river.

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