Emmett Till Video Analysis

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After I read the texts the Power of Nonviolence, The Freedom Walkers, and watched the video about Emmett Till I realized that each of them were themed around the same thing. However, this did not come as much of a surprise. I get that each of these were made by different people, but since each of the take place about historical events based on the same era in time it was somewhat of an expectation to come. It was noticing the exact common thread between all of these that took me a few rereads and rewatches. The common thread I noticed between all of them was violence against African Americans and equal right sympathizers for their actions (mainly peaceful protests) and how they were treated for their actions.
The Freedom Walkers
In the text The Freedom Walkers it focused on some of the major protests during the Civil Rights Movement and how the protesters and sympathizers had large numbers of people using violence to stop them. It talked about protests such as
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The accusations that were made against him were that he was flirting with a white woman. The woman that accused him of this later came out saying that she had lied about him flirting with her. Not only was it a dumb thing to be lynched over in the first place it wasn’t even true. The men that had lynched him was the woman’s husband Roy and his half brother J.W. Milam. The men went fully armed to Till’s great uncle’s house and kidnapped him. The two men brutally beat down Emmett and started to mutilate his body. Then they delivered a fatal gunshot into Till’s body and threw the mutilated body into the Tallahatchie River. These were extreme forces of violence used against him since he was an African American over a dumb accusation in the first place. To add on to the worst possible situation for this poor boy the woman had completely lied about the entire

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