Eric Foner Give Me Liberty Analysis

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In Eric Foner’s textbook Give Me Liberty! He spends two chapters talking about the Civil Rights Movement, and when we read it alone he did a very good job looking at the history of the movement. Though, if we use Hands on the Freedom Plow as a foundation we see another side of the Movement. The struggle the women who were the movement faced trying to bring about change. He never covered the pride they felt, the hidden anger that fueled this social rebellion, nor what they had to do to keep themselves safe. It is shown that Eric Foner will need to edit, or rearrange parts of the chapters in his textbook. When you look at the text you can see a very well laid out history of the Civil Rights Movement, and how it discusses all the famous incidents. Such as: The Montgomery bus boycott, The March on Washington, and others. The reason this is a problem …show more content…
You can see in many of the stories like Little Memphis Girl to Mississippi Amazon, where she had to hide that she was helping because it would affect her scholarship (Holsaert 14). In Watching, Waiting, and Resisting, who had to use the fact she was going to school to even attempt to help the movement out, or how she and her community had to struggle to convince her mom what she was doing was the right thing (64-66). Then there is the last story An Official Observer where it talks about the first white woman in the SNCC movement and how her only way she could help was to be a watcher, but even though she was able to be there she herself felt that she couldn’t help more because people who were against the movement were very harsh on white people who helped (45-48). This would have been a very easy subject for Foner to talk about in the textbook chapters, yet not one place you look did he speak about the things these women needed to deal with

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