Emily Dickinson 's Poem, My Life Essay

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I felt myself come undone. I had practiced before-how to deliver bad news to a patient-but didn’t expect to become a patient receiving it. “Give them a warning shot,” I heard echo in my mind right as my doctor began to say, “We have some bad news.”
My leave of absence from medical school came from this bad news. I experienced complications with a pregnancy, requiring me to take time away from my education. I became personally familiar with how life can sometimes seem to deal you a hand that is a bit too much. When I was in the middle, Emily Dickinson’s poem resonated with me: my thoughts disconnected and raveling just out of reach from myself, eluding my ability to put them together to make sense of my experience. However, what solace I did not find in Emily Dickinson’s poem, I found in medicine. I learned that you are able to come through tough times and develop a hope and resilience emerging from that same darkness. Where I once thought the tragedies’ of others would bring me great sadness, I found great joy in helping them find their resilience and give them hope.
It wasn’t surprising to me then, that I found Psychiatry to be the specialty where I personally was most worthy to serve the suffering. I enjoyed all of my rotations during third year, but Psychiatry offers the ability to encounter this strength of spirit and to be a part of helping patients who had thoughts, that could not match seam to seam, add another stanza to Emily Dickson’s poem. This added stanza…

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