Emergency Medical Technician ( Emt ) Essay

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“EMS en route to the scene,” responded Matt via his radio, as we wore our helmets, checked for gloves, and hopped on our bikes to an apartment off-campus Temple University. Matt was a Field Training Officer at Temple University Emergency Medical Services who had years of experience as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Yana, another EMT on shift had a few months of experience. However, it was my first call as an EMT preceptee.
A student had tried to slit her wrists. “We can handle this,” Matt said as he saw my tense face. We rode swiftly and managed to make it to the scene within the next minute. I saw a pool of blood on the living room floor upon entering the room with the crying patient on the floor. Matt assessed her, Yana jotted down the patient’s history while I checked the patient’s vital signs. Matt then called for an ambulance, as the patient was in need of further treatment. Just when we were in control of the scene, the patient’s roommate started trembling in a corner.
Matt and Yana were still busy with our first patient so I took lead and approached the roommate. I was about to interact with a person suffering from an anxiety attack with no prior experience in field. However, I maintained my composure, knelt down and tried to build up a rapport. She had covered her face with her hands and was crying hysterically. I gently uncovered her face and asked her name. “Shelly,” she said. She was hyperventilating so I asked her to take deep breaths. I slowed down my…

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