Emergence Of Mobile Technology And Technology Essay

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Emergence of mobile technology
Mobile technology can be defined that the technology extends computing and the Internet into the wireless medium (Sheng, Nah and Siau 2005). Users are allowed to have anytime, anywhere access to information and application by mobile technology, so it provides flexibility in communication, collaboration and information sharing (Sheng, Nah and Siau 2005).
Mobile technology devices consist of hardware, software, operating systems and networking (Varshney and Vetter 2000). It includes technological infrastructure for connectivity such as Bluetooth, General Packet Radio Service (GPS), and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) (Varshney and Vetter 2000). Moreover, 4G networks and Wi-Fi are important features of mobile technology (Sheng, Nah and Siau 2005). This is because 4G mobile networking allows high-speed packet transmissions in the channel, and Wi-Fi is electronic devices that create networks within a local area. By utilizing portable devices through wireless networks, mobile technology can support computing on the move (Malladi and Agrawal 2002). Hence, it has emerged as the next tendency in revolution of Information Technology. Currently, mobile technology is gaining significance and popularity in businesses (Singh and Peszynki 2014). Some applications of mobile technology in organizations involve mobile brokerage (Looney, Jessup and Valacich 2004,), access to firm Intranet (Nah, Siau, and Sheng 2005), mobile payment and banking services…

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