Essay on Embry 's Strengths And Weaknesses

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Embry’s Strengths and Weaknesses

After meeting with Jones, Embry should be given a low yearly rating performance review. Although his own individual work was exceptional, his role as a team leader was not performed well enough to give him a very good review. According to the scenario, Embry’s strengths include his experience, intelligence, precision and certainty. His willingness to volunteer and take on new projects should be encouraged by his superiors.

On the other hand, Embry’s first weakness is his leadership skills. As the analyst and a team leader, he should be more responsible for the team and not just his own work. The team members need to be more productive and Embry should have come up with a strategy to make sure the work is done on time collaboratively.

Secondly, his communication skills need improvement. His defensive response to Jones was not in the correct manner and he needs to be responsible for that. He should take responsibility for the work that his team was not able to fulfill and acknowledge the mistake and should ask for an opportunity to improve as a team. Third, he needs to work on his interpersonal skills as a team leader. He has to step up and get to know the team members. He needs to think as a team rather than to focus just on his own work.

Recommendations for improvement

Embry needs to identify the skill set for the team members. He should do some research and figure out who can perform a given task in the best way possible.…

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