Elizabeth And John Proctor In The Crucible Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… I think not?” and explain John’s response.
Elizabeth wanted John to tell the town that Abigail is involved in witchcraft but John tells Elizabeth that he will think about it so Elizabeth gets furious because she believes that he doesn’t want to do it because he still cares about Abigail. What is the gift Mary Warren gives to Elizabeth? Mary Warren gives Elizabeth poppet. What information does Mary Warren provide about the trial? What role is she playing at the trial? Why does John forbid her from attending?
Mary says that in the trial people that are innocent were being accused of witchcraft and that Elizabeth’s name was mentioned which means that she is also being accused. Mary was playing the role of an accuser but John forbids her from attending because john doesn’t believe in the necessity of the trials. How many people have been arrested for witchcraft at this point?
39 people were now accused

Mary Warren tells Proctor that those accused will not hang if they do something- what is it that they must do?
They must lie

Explain why Mary Warren thinks Elizabeth should speak civilly to
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How does he claim to know?
Proctor tells Hale that the children were not ill because of witchcraft , that their sickness had something to do with them trying to stay out of trouble and he claims to know because Abigail told him.

What is the point of the discussion between Hale and the Proctors about whether or not they believe in witches?
Because since Elizabeth’s name was mentioned in court and the Proctor’s have not been attending church Hale is trying to investigate if they have something to do with the witchcraft.

What event begins to change Hale’s opinion about the arrests? How does he feel about the court? Mary Warren started to accuse Abigail and the girls and then they start screaming about how Mary is bewitching them. Hales opinion changed after that and he gets disgusted and stopped having faith in what the church is doing.

Who do you think accused Elizabeth and why? I think Abigail accused Elizabeth since she wants to have John Proctor. Which of the Ten Commandments does Proctor forget? The seventh commandment that says people must not commit adultery. How are these two ideas connected: 1) Walcott buying a pig. 2) Martha Corey being accused of

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