How Does Reverend Hale Change In The Crucible

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In Arthur Miller’s The crucible, Reverend Hale’s character changes dramatically over the course of the play. The town of Salem was overrun with fears of witchcraft, so they called in a renowned witch hunter, Reverend Hale. When Mr.Hale initially came to Salem, he brought the attitude that there was definitely witchery present in the town. But,the longer Hale stayed in Salem, he realized that his first thought may not have been true. By the time the play ended, the Reverend’s mind had been completely changed. In short, Reverend Hale went from being completely sure of witchcraft, to realizing he may have made a mistake in his judgment because of his meeting with Proctor, then he saw that he had to do everything he could to get the real truth …show more content…
Hale was convinced of John’s argument, and saw that people were lying in order to save themselves. So, Hale did everything in his power to protect John. For example, While explaining to Elizabeth what he needs to do to save her husband, Hale reveals how he needs her help, and why. Hale states “God damns a liar less than he that throws his life away for pride. Will you plead with him? I cannot think he will listen to another”(132). By pleading to Elizabeth to get John to lie to save his life, he shows that he has changed significantly since his first arrival, and that he has changed because he wants to save John.m While making a last second appeal to the court, Hale again shows what tactic he used to save his life, and why he did it. Hale says “Excellency, it is enough he confess himself. Let him sign it, let him sign it”(141). The Reverend tries to convince the court that John has confessed, therefore he should be pardoned. By doing so, he shows he has changed a lot in his thinking, and that he wants to desperately save John’s life. In essence, Reverend Hale realized what he needed to do to save Proctor, and he did everything he could to do

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