How Is Hale A Tragic Hero In The Crucible

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The famous author Terry Pratchett once said “...but it's the people the gods ignore who get the really tough deals” ( Some characters in the novel were ignored by God, for example Abby Williams and Elizabeth Proctor; both these characters were victims of Reverend Hale’s arrogance. Hale, one of the tragic heros of the play, blindly follows the accusations Abby makes, and he signs the warrant that agrees to the fact that Elizabeth Proctor is dealing in witchcraft. Reverend Hale is a tragic hero because throughout the play the Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, Hale comes to the realization that this case was not based off of witchcraft, he tries to appeal his verdict, and he slowly starts to doubt his purpose.
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John hopes to open Danforth’s eyes to show him that Abigail Williams is only trying to get rid of Elizabeth because she wants to marry John and be with him. John states ”She thinks to dance with me on my wife’s grave! And well she might, for I thought of her softly...But it is a whore’s vengeance…” (Miller 110). John Proctor throws away his good name, to prove that Abby is pretending to see spirits. At this point Hale is ready to do anything to prove that there is no witchcraft. Hale at this point in the novel he is realizes that he just sent innocent people to their death. “I come to do the Devil’s work. I come to counsel Christians they should belie themselves. His sarcasm collapses. There is blood on my head! Can you not see the blood on my head!!” (Miller 131). Hale has lost hope, he doesn’t believe that he is doing God’s work. This whole case has been lies and trickery; because of Hale believing that he is able to determine when people are being …show more content…
Hale knows that these people are innocent. “Quail not before God’s judgement in this, for it may well be God damns a liar less than he that throws his life away for pride” (Miller 132). He is telling them that if they lie God will punish them, but God will punish them even more if they throw away their life for pride. Hale feels regret because there are kids in the village who are now orphans, livestock wondering about because their owners are locked up and crops withering because no one is plowing the fields. Hale is responsible for this, he alone signed away their souls and believed that he is doing the right thing. At the start of the novel Hale says “No man may longer doubt the powers of the dark are gathered in monstrous attack upon this village. There is too much evidence now to deny it.” (Miller 64). At the end of the novel he tries to get the people to lie and to say that they were involved with

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