Elizabeth And Hazel: Two Women Of Little Rock By David Margolick

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In the profound book Elizabeth and Hazel: Two Women of Little Rock by David Margolick, it reveals the extraordinary story of two very different women named Elizabeth Eckford and Hazel Bryan. In the book, Margolick aims to unravel and dive deep into the notorious picture that was taken in September of 1957. He does this by explaining how the unforgettable photograph of Elizabeth and Hazel came to be taken and its widespread significance in the world. As well as why for almost half a century neither Hazel nor Elizabeth have been able to escape its long shadows.
Throughout the book, Margolick narrates the struggles Elizabeth had to overcome due to all the hate-filled trauma she endured while attending Central high school. He also goes into Hazel’s life and reveals the extensive efforts she’s made to compensate for the critical and atrocious mistake she made while she was young. This book follows the eventful journey of these two women as they advance from apologizing to each other to forgiving one another, then to reconciliation and astonishingly resulting in friendship. Unfortunately, their new founded friendship doesn’t last forever. It collapses, inevitably due to the same gaps and misunderstandings that have remained in American’s
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From that day on, Elizabeth became one of the most known students in America. Following right behind her just like in the photo was Hazel, who at the time was unnamed. As a result of this sudden “fame”, Elizabeth received letters from individuals around the world and long-distance phone calls. Even though the Little Rock Nine received the same things, Elizabeth got far more. As for Hazel, her parents were so worried about her sudden notoriety that they transferred her from Central to a school closer to their home. She ended up never going to school with Elizabeth or any of the Little Rock Nine. When she turned 17 she dropped out of school, got hitched and started a

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