The Selection By Kierra Cass: Character Analysis

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“Gradually, she starts to question all the plans she’s made for herself-and realizes that the life she’s always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined (Cass).” America has two diverse lives, her past and her future. Nevertheless, as they knit together, the tale matures showing their comparison. Once America is introduced, her character flourishes, and the storyline blossoms through numerous literary devices and deliberate themes. This book comes to life as the reader sees the growing of a small-town girl, to a lady of Illea. The Selection, written by Kierra Cass, is an excellent reading choice. To begin, a theme that can be taken away the The Selection is: change is essential to accommodate the surrounding world. Throughout the novel, America is influenced by her family, boyfriend, community, competing girls, servants, the king, the queen, and the prince. Thus starting the competition, her new image requires her to evolve into a lady …show more content…
It explains that though America has her mind made up, there is still a slim chance of a fairy tale life, something she had never imagined outside of her firm future. It likewise shows that she has the chance of literally pulling her family out of poverty. It shows the safehaven that America views her family as, which tallies to the significance of what America would be willing to do to help them. Kierra Cass’ book The Selection is a captivating novel that many readers will love. The Selection takes the reader on a compelling journey alongside the characters, that abruptly ends, making him or her long for the continued story. Kierra Cass encompasses elements such as literary devices and characterization to make the story rejuvenate throughout the mind. In addition, she includes valuable themes that each reader can take and discover for

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