Analysis Of Octavia Butler's Parable Of The Sower

1068 Words 5 Pages defines humanity as, 1.Human beings collectively; the human race; humankind. 2.The quality or condition of being a human; human nature. 3.The quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence. As humans in a world where there are such communities that thrive off of the destruction that they may cause, we work very hard to keep things in order, like, sticking to our faith, making sure that we have ourselves in order, and having a trustworthy group of people around us. Doing those things make us feel secure, as if we have everything under control and don’t have to worry. Octavia Butler’s novel, Parable of the Sower, supports my thesis with the experiences that Lauren has throughout the novel.

In the novel, Parable of the Sower,
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Octavia Butler writes, “Dad may have read something of what I was feeling in my expression. I try not to let my face show anything, but he’s good at reading me. Sometimes people say I look grim or angry. Better to have them think that than know the truth. Better to have them think anything than to just know how easy it is to hurt me” (13). Lauren wants to keep her secret hidden and would rather not show people, because it’s better for her if they don’t know how easily affected she can be from things. This supports my thesis because it shows that Lauren’s strategy to have people not know how easily effected she is by things keeps her together emotionally, which then leaves her to be able to act correctly and with that she’ll be able to keep her sanity. Octavia writes,“Someone screamed near me, then tackled me, pulled me down. I fired the gun in reflexive terror...” (154). In this quote she is talking about an incident with one of the pyromaniacs she had went through during the community disaster. She physically defends herself, which will help her keep her humanity because if she wasn’t able to defend herself in this situation she would be dead and if she died then what humanity would she be able to keep. Aside from being able to care for herself, having trustworthy people is another way to …show more content…
Octavia writes, “‘At least we know each other , and…I managed to grab a few hundred dollars as I ran out of the house. He was offering trust. He meant we can trust each other. That was no small thing” (171). Lauren interprets that Harry is offering his trust with the things he is providing for their trip. This shows that her having trustworthy people is helping her retain her humanity, because Harry is offering her things that she needs to survive after the disaster and this helps during the destruction of her community because she 's able to keep her friendship with Harry along with supplies that she needed during the journey. At the end of chapter 15 Octavia writes, “They deserve to know that I’m a sharer. For their own safety they should know...A person that knows what I am can hurt me, betray me, disable me with little effort...I want to trust these people” (178). Lauren, feels as though she should tell Harry and Zarah about her hyperempathy but feels as though she can’t trust them because she doesn’t want them to hurt her so she decides that maybe she should tell them later. By doing this Lauren retains her humanity by making sure that she’ll be able to trust these people before letting them know her secret, so that she knows that they won’t try to cause any harm to

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