Elie Wiesel Research Paper

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Consider watching people and families being tortured, and slowly die just because of something they believe in. Imagine all of the pain and suffering it would have caused. This is what had happened to Elie Wiesel, Elie was born into a Jewish family on September 30th, 1928 in Romania. Elie had started his life, like a normal Jewish boy would up until the age of thirteen. At the age of thirteen he had become very observant of the things going around him, leading him to tell his dad “find me a master who could guide me in the studies of Kabbalah.” (Wiesel 4). His dad did not appreciate these studies so he merely told Elie that he was too young. Elie’s parents had owned a tiny shop, and his dad would often remind him that there wasn’t many people who studied Kabbalah in Sighet, the city that they lived in. This led Elie to finding his own master to teach …show more content…
This had caused him to be cautious with every step that he took. He had been forced onto a train going city to city, having no idea where he was going, stopping very seldomely. People were crammed onto these trains and sickness had begun to break out. Elie had watched his dad slowly perish away, and he gave his dad everything he could to make him better. After his dad died Elie had found a spark within himself. This spark was that he wanted to live through this to tell the story to people who had no idea what was happening in these camps. Elie would never be the same person after this. In the beginning Elie was a young boy who had no idea the things that he was going to have to go through. But through all of the camps, Elie had lived. He lived through the torture and all of the suffering and later went back to Sighet to tell the story of what he had witnessed and gone through. Elie had suffered just for being a Jew but this didn’t change his view on religion, it only changed his views on other

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