Elements Of The Once And Future King Essay

1196 Words Sep 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
Shanaz Shakur
Ms. Churchill
English Honors 2, Period 0
21 September 2016
Essential Motifs in The Once and Future King Other than for the purpose of storytelling and entertainment, people read books to learn life lessons and understand morals and values. People read stories and take into account what the characters learn, and apply those lessons to their own lives. In The Once and Future King, T. H. White teaches us three major themes; that while the justice system gives people a chance of being proven innocent, it is not always fair, that one can not always trust their family, and ultimately, no matter how hard one tries to prevent the future, they cannot alter what destiny has already decided for them. For each of these three themes, there is a different character to represent the lesson. Nowadays, when dealing with crime or an accusation is made, the opposing sides hire lawyers to prove their innocence. At the time of King Arthur’s reign, however, the justice system was flawed. A relative example of this is when Guenever was suspected of poisoning Sir Patrise and had to get a knight to battle for her innocence, or she’d be found guilty and face execution. Arthur’s hands were tied, and he could not do anything about it. This ties into the theme because back then, fighting was the only way of getting justice; “In those days the upper classes hired champions to fight it out… Arthur, whose whole philosophy of royalty hinged on justice instead of power, could do nothing to…

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