Literary Analysis Essay On The Once And Future King

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Might is Right

Ruling with fear and force is not a satisfactory way to govern. In T.H. White's novel, The Once and Future King, the Wart goes on adventures to learn about how to be a good ruler, as he will one day become King Arthur. Guided by the good wizard Merlyn, Wart is turned into an array of creatures, ranging from a badger, to an ant to teach Wart how to be a good king. He learns from other rulers mistakes, and learns his place in the world, to eventually sit on a throne. Like Wart discovered on one occasion, "Might is Right" is not a desirable way of governing. Wart's first adventure with Merlyn is as a fish in the Moat around Sir Ector, Wart's adoptive father's, castle. Wart met the ruler of the Moat, a large pike called Mr. P,
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Wart himself is turned into a badger, and is sent out to find Merlyn's friend. When Wart arrives, the badger tells Wart a story about how man was made. When God was creating animals, all they were to begin with were embryos. They chose different tools to add onto their bodies, such as turning their arms into flying machines, or their mouths as weapons, among countless other options. When man had its turn, it chose to take no tools, but create its own out of its surroundings. With that, God granted man the right to be the ruler of every species, as it is smarter and has more strength than every other animal. The human species feels superior towards other species because they are more advanced, and the tools they make are stronger than the animals natural tools. Yet, man became a sort of tyrant, taking over land that previously belonged to another species. The only real predator of a human is other humans. Not every embryo is deserving of being a king. Kay was born into a line of prestigious knights, and was to become one himself. Even though Kay was handed the right to rule, very similarly to how God handed the embryo the right to rule every other species, Kay is not a worthy ruler. At the tournament, Kay forgets his sword at the inn, and sends his squire, Wart, to fetch it. The inn is closed when Wart arrives, so he goes in search of a sword he could steal or borrow. Wart comes across an anvil with …show more content…
In governments where might is right is the slogan of leaders, like the fish and the embryos, most rulers become tyrants and stop trying to protect their subjects. The geese explained why might does not give anyone the right to rule, because they are not always capable of such a job, and Kay proved that being handed power does not give you a born right to rule. Might is Right is not a desirable way of ruling for the happiness of others rather than

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