Elements Of Promotion Mix

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7Ps of Marketing & Its Application In Different Context

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The message from the marketer follows the 'communications process' as illustrated.

For example, a radio advert is made for a car manufacturer. The car manufacturer (sender) pays for a specific advert with contains a message specific to a target audience (encoding). It is transmitted during a set of commercials from a radio station (Message / media).
The message is decoded by a car radio (decoding) and the target consumer interprets the message (receiver). He or she might visit a dealership or seek further information from a web site (Response). The consumer might buy a car or express an interest or dislike (feedback). This information will inform future elements of an integrated promotional campaign. Perhaps a direct mail campaign would push the consumer to the point of purchase. Noise represents the thousand of marketing communications that a consumer is exposed to everyday, all competing for attention.

The Promotions Mix
Let us look at the individual components of the promotions mix in more detail. We must remember all of the elements are integrated to form a specific communications
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Training: “on-the-job”-assets you on the train or “off-the-job”-e.g. you are not working but you are learning.
2. Personal Selling: Internal & External.
3. Customer Service: face-to-face, over the telephone or using the Internet.

Refers to the systems used to assist the organization in delivering the service. E.g. booking an international hotel’s room on the Internet -- the process begins with you visiting an international hotel's website. You enter details of your arriving time and book them. Your booking reference arrives by e-mail. You arrive on time & refresh at your destination. This is all part of the marketing process.

Stage of the Process:- * Deliver value through all elements of the marketing mix. Process, physical evidence and people enhance services. * Feedback can be taken and the mix can be altered. * Customers are retained, and other serves or products are extended and marked to them.

Physical Evidence:-
It allows the consumer to make judgments on the organization.
There are many examples of physical evidence, including some of the following: * Packaging. * Internet/web pages. * Paperwork (such as invoices, tickets and dispatch notes). * Brochures. *

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