Elements Of Music : A Closer Look Essay examples

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Elements of Music: A Closer Look
In our everyday life, sound surrounds us almost constantly. With a simple walk to the mailbox, our ears are exposed to a number of sounds. Such as birds chirping, car horns blaring, neighbors laughing, and leaves scrambling. What causes theses sounds, though? How do we interpret them? Espie Estrella, a music education expert, states that sound is created when an object vibrates. Estrella continues by explaining that our ears sense these vibrations and send them to our brain to distinguish what kind of sounds are being heard. However, when you listen to music, the experience is a little different. Espie adds, “[music] has several different characteristics; it may be soft or loud, slow or fast, combine different instruments and have a regular rhythmic pattern.” The different characteristics are known as the “elements of music.” These elements are categorized into groups that have several related pieces. One of the many categories is rhythm. Rhythm is in everything; even people. As much as someone is convinced that they do not have rhythm, they do. Pay attention to the movement of your chest as you inhale and exhale; this is an example of rhythm. Rhythm can be easily described as a recurring pattern of movement or sound. According to our book, “rhythm can be defined as the particular arrangement of note lengths in a piece of music.” You can arrange any set of sounds rhythmically to create a music piece. Rhythm also has several subcategories…

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