Electronic Of Electronic Medical Records Essay

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Have they ever considered what happens to their paper medical records if they are missing or lost? As of 2014, the federal government has required that all health care providers implement electronic medical records within their systems. Electronic health records provide a better way to treat patients; they are more accurate, easier to read and to be understood, as well as having the ability to share patient information with the healthcare community. Although some doctors believe that paper documents are less expensive than that of electronic documents, they are a better choice because they provide a better healthcare system. Electronic medical records are used to create a more efficient healthcare system, and therefore should be used universally. The first reason that electronic health records should be used universally is that it would provide better accessibility. By providing better accessibility, electronic health records make it easier for patients, doctors, hospitals and the healthcare field to view medical records. Also, by having better accessibility, it will prevent patient 's medical records from being damaged or lost, because they will be stored electronically and not in paper format. Local residents of the gulf coast suffered a tropical disaster in 2005, in the form of a hurricane and was reported to be the worst in the east coasts history. When this tropical storm hit the Gulf Coast, it left the residents in devastation. However, it also affected the medical…

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