Electronic Cigarettes Should Be Legal Essay

1520 Words May 30th, 2016 null Page
Electronic cigarettes may pose significant health risk as many people are claiming they assist with the cessation of smoking however, there are safely and health concerns. Electronic cigarettes are a rechargeable battery which contains atomizer coil that generates a vapor that looks like a real cigarette. Due to the way the electronic cigarette is designed they have a similar feel, and discharges the same smoke, like real cigarettes would. Many argue that electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine and therefore, will still have people addicted to smoking leading them back to where they started causing more health issues as they are yet to know about unknown substances in e-cigarettes and the effects they have on the body. Others have anxiety about the double use of e-cigarettes with routine cigarettes, which may bring about smokers to keep on smoking as opposed to quit. However, because nicotine is so addictive, it is highly likely that users of the e-cigarette will move onto to tobacco use, triggering it to be a gateway. Several smokers believe electronic cigarettes to be a satisfactory substitute to smoking, without causing any potential health risks to their bodies, and would trade in their cigarettes for the e-cigarette for a healthier lifestyle. Nonetheless, how long will this exchange last considering the relapse rates?

In Australia in order to purchase cigarettes you need to be 18 and over, however some people start during their teenager years and are addicted by the…

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