Electric Cars : A Electric Car Essay

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There are different types of cars in the world and one of the most uncommon and unique are electric cars. The first electric car was invented many years ago, but it didn’t meet the required inspections and didn’t prove the efficiency on the roads until today. Nowadays, it’s possible to see more people driving the electric cars, however, most of them still prefer to drive older gasoline and hybrid vehicles. The main question is whether people and government must accept the idea of replacing older gasoline vehicles by the electric cars. This is a vexed question with a complicated answer. However, the electric cars must be widely accepted by the people because they are more reliable, cheaper to operate, and environmentally friendly.
Every year, well-known car manufacturers like Tesla and BMW are spending enormous amounts of money on researching and developing the electric cars. “Unlike other cars, they are powered by the electric motor instead of a gasoline engine. It gets energy from the controller which regulates the amount of power coming from the rechargeable battery. Those batteries have a limited driving range and require long recharging times, however, this technology was improved today”(Berman). Those are the basic characteristics of every electric car. They are consist of the electric motor and rechargeable batteries. Also, the limited driving range is not an issue anymore because the new technologies helped to solve this problem.
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