Electoral System And The United Kingdom Essay

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Both Single Member Plurality (SMP) and Mixed-Member Proportional (MMP) electoral systems are commonly found throughout the world. They are both different in the way in which they function, but yet there are still similarities within them. Each country around the world has their own way of running their elections, this makes it so that more than one electoral system can exist in order to match what is best for the process of electing representatives within their own country. Even though these two systems have similar aspects, they are not the same and each have positives and negatives to their electoral systems. The Single Member Plurality system is the electoral system that is used in countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom. In fact 70 percent of people in an established democracy lives within this system. This makes it very easy to recognize since large powers throughout the world use it. Not only is it very recognizable, but it is also “the simplest system” (Caramani, pg. 169). This means that it is also much easier to understand than other electoral systems. When one receives a ballot during elections in a SMP system, there are a list of names in which people check a box. This check then counts as their one vote towards the candidate of their choice. After all the votes are then counted once voting has closed, the person with the most votes wins. The winner does not need to have the majority of the votes to win. This means that if there is a strong…

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