Electoral College Vs Popular Vote Essay examples

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Electoral College vs Popular Vote
Every four years, the people of America vote in order to elect, but not directly, our next president. In November of the presidential election year, citizens from all fifty states vote in their respective counties. On the ballot, they vote on, is a list of presidential and vice presidential candidates from each political party. Each citizen must choose one, and only one, presidential and vice presidential candidate from one political party, whether from the Democrat or Republican Party. The outcome of the votes in each individual state determines an amount of electors who then make the actual choice of president and vice president in that particular state. The amount of electors in each state is determined by the number of senators and House members it has. In December of the election year, the electors in each state meet in their state capitals to cast the ballots for president and vice president. The states finalize the ballots, then give them to Congress for their joint session in January to officially announce the winning presidential and vice presidential candidate. However, sometimes the presidential candidate who has the majority of the popular vote does not always become our nation’s next president. We have seen this only four times in our country’s past presidential elections. After a debate between the makers of the Constitution, it was decided that there should be a method that elects our next leader or president. The…

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